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Final Fantasy
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Sarovoc's cold, blank stare was fixed intently on Victor as he spun a small computer monitor around. Victor sat at Savoroc's desk with him, legs crossed, arms folded. He quickly glanced at the screen, then at Sarovoc and back at the screen, examining the images of Edge and Ana side by side. His gaze lingered on Ana, and a breath of emotion escaped his steel soul. He knew what Sarovoc would do to her if she was captured, and he decided then and there that she would die during her capture in an unfortunate, and uncontrolable series of events. He'd face the music and dance to the tune of Sarovoc's wrath to spare this girl a much worse, prolonged and dispicable fate. For despite his being a cold, ruthless, calculating shell of a man, Victor was capable of compassion, sympathy, and even mercy. 

"The boy has escaped the city, and whilst we can't say for certain, it's safe to assume she has escaped as well," Sarovoc explained, leaning back in his throne-like office chair. It screamed narcissism, speaking to his deeply seeded aspirations of becoming Emperor, and his delusions of granduer. 

"I want them alive, Victor, no screw ups." 

Victor nodded, blinking slowly. 

"With the boy, it's personal. The girl, not so much, but she'll make a lovely pet, wouldn't you agree?" 

"She's a beautiful girl," Victor said with a grin, examining her flawless facial structure and gorgeous blonde hair. 

"Yes, she'll look even better chained naked to to my bedside," Sarovoc said bluntly, standing up from his chair, walking over to a large window that overlooked the city from the 25th floor of Zenobia Prime. "The boy I want most of all, so make him your priority. We have something to finish... Call it a warrior's vendetta," he continued, gazing out over the city lights and into the horizon, "There is a certain obligation to end a man's life after he tries to take your own." 

"I wouldn't know," Victor said, glancing to his left at Sarovoc, taking full advantage of his opportunity to rub it in deep. 

Sarovoc took a deep breath, resisting his violent impulses. "Every team and unit in the army has these photographs, but I can no more rely on them to succeed than I can rely on you to fail," he turned to face Victor, "correct?" 

Victor brushed his pant leg off and nodded, matching Sarovoc's gaze. "My team and I will locate these kids, and return them in one piece. But we'll expect payment." 

Sarovoc's eyes narrowed and a grin masked his anger. He knew what Victor was driving at, because he knew every card in the man's deck. They were cut directly from the same cloth. 

"We work for the Empire, not Zenobia Prime." 

"Things can change, old friend, and they can change fast," Sarovoc said blankly, turning back to the window, hands cupped behind his back. 

Victor's brow tightened and he took a moment of deep thought before shaking the sinister notion for the task at hand. He stood up from his seat. "The kid known as Edge, Leo is already on his trail. He's headed for Odessa. Lyra's flying there to intercept him as we speak. Tank and I will focus on this girl. Ana, you said her name was?" 

"Beautiful, isn't it?" 

Victor headed for the door. "We'll be in touch."


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